Terms Are Limited, and Effectiveness Is Too

Re “High-Stakes Amateur Hour,” editorial, May 19: I voted for term limits and realize now they are a huge failure. We need to expand the current limit by at least 50% to improve legislator knowledge and performance. The inexperience of new legislators and the power of special-interest contributors have rendered this crop of leaders impotent to solve the worst problems in California’s history.

Sadly, term limits are no substitute for increased voter awareness and participation.

David Goodreau



Small Manufacturers Assn.



How I yearn for a return to the good old days of “corrupt” professional politicians who actually knew how to govern. Term limits have proved a predictably stupid premise that has produced disastrous results. How much sense does it make to demand efficient government from elected officials who are evicted from office just when they have learned their trade? Especially when governing becomes increasingly complex.


Don Mac Brown

Studio City