The Politics Behind U.S. War With Iraq

Re “A Proud Nation Should Be Sorry,” Commentary, May 22: So Norah Vincent finally meets presidential advisor Karl Rove. From the beginning it was obvious that the strategy of this administration was -- and is -- to gain office and retain office in order to preside over a massive and highly inequitable transfer of financial benefit to the rich and financial burden and attendant risk to the middle-income and poor. The Iraq war was merely a tactic in that strategy.

W.C. George

San Diego



I am sorry you printed Vincent’s sorry commentary. Excuse me while I spend time this Memorial Day remembering my brother, an Air National Guard pilot currently in Iraq; my uncle, who served three tours in Vietnam; and my grandfather, who served in WWI and WWII (a Japanese POW). To them and to their memory, to all servicemen and -women of my beloved country, I’m sorry you were subjected to Vincent’s caustic opinions.

Cindy Short

Marina del Rey