Kurdish Rebels Kill a Turkish Soldier in Raid

From Associated Press

Kurdish rebels attacked a Turkish military outpost Thursday, killing one soldier and wounding eight, a military official said.

It was the first raid on an army post since Kurdish rebels declared a unilateral cease-fire in 1999 after a 15-year armed struggle for regional autonomy in Turkey’s predominantly Kurdish southeast.

A group of rebels with automatic weapons attacked the outpost near the southeastern province of Bingol, about 480 miles east of the capital, Ankara, the official said on condition of anonymity.

Some intelligence sources speculated that the attack might have been the work of a splinter rebel group opposed to the cease-fire.


The fighting between the military and rebels with the Kurdistan Workers Party has largely been reduced to sporadic clashes since 1999.

Turkish troops launched a counteroffensive after Thursday’s attack, authorities said. It was unclear whether any Kurdish insurgents were killed.