LAUSD Funds Belong in the Classroom

Re “L.A. District Weighs Furloughs to Save Jobs,” May 24: Rather than propose to place the burden of budget shortfalls upon those who work and care directly for our children, here are a few suggestions to help the LAUSD save money: (1) Return all literacy and math coaches to the classroom, where they can work directly with students. (2) Reduce all after-school staff development meetings. The vast majority of these meetings mainly “develop” the staff’s ability to sit and turn their brains off instead of providing any useful ideas that can be used in the classroom. (3) Reduce the vast bureaucracy working off-campus in beautiful offices funded by money that could be used to assist students.

The LAUSD too often acts as an employment bureau for adults who prefer working in offices rather than directly with students.

As most students will tell you, those moments when learning takes place happen in the classroom (or on field trips), working directly with educators. That’s where the monetary priorities need to be placed as well.

Dennis Hagen-Smith