Indy 500 Deserves Special Treatment

Comparing the Indy 500 and TV ratings to the Coca-Cola 600 [May 25] is not possible. It would be like trying to compare the three meals I eat each day with very special restaurants or celebrations.

I may not care much about ice skating, but every four years I’m glued to the Olympics. I may see a few baseball games, but every World Series I get excited. Same with the Indy 500; it is a once-a-year event, not an every Sunday run with the good ‘ol boys.

I’m sure advertisers have figured out that demographic viewership is not equal between the two races. I’m also sure that people who watch the 500 pay more attention, from start to finish, to “the greatest spectacle in racing.” And I’m really sure we Indy fans have more of our own teeth!

Ken Harrison


Cardiff by the Sea