Farm Migrant Residency Bill

Re "Support Grows for Bill to Aid Farm Migrants," Nov. 1: The undocumented farm worker bill is the government's latest run at giving amnesty to illegal immigrants. The bill would help 500,000 illegal farm workers gain legal residency in the U.S. It would "cut red tape" to allow more "guest workers" into the country. No mention is made of what to do with the millions of unemployed illegal workers already here. I see them on street corners.

President Bush has failed to secure our borders. Sen. Orrin Hatch (R-Utah) says, "I just want to do what's right" and "help our neighbors to the south." Mexican President Vicente Fox has agreed to restart negotiations on our immigration policy with Bush. The government raids Wal-Mart and rounds up a couple hundred illegal immigrants, including Eastern Europeans, staying clear of California. I just traveled the country in a camper for two months and people are not happy with all of this. This bill is no solution. Ask them in Arkansas.

Ron Nelson



Your article on "farm migrants" is disturbing. It confirms what anti-illegal immigration activists have long claimed. The Democrats see a crop of cheap votes and the Republican fat cats see huge profits in cheap labor. The special interests are selling out U.S. citizenship, sovereignty and the rule of law. However, the cold, hard, damnable truth for politicians and media outlets pushing to give driver's licenses and amnesty to illegal aliens is the fact that Americans want their immigration laws enforced and they overwhelmingly oppose amnesty -- no matter what name it goes under.

Larry Brown


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