Not Much Fight Left in the Irish

Notre Dame's football team is 2-6. Michigan, USC and Florida State outscored them, 120-14. What will this get the Irish? A $200-billion television deal? A BCS bowl game guarantee?

In fact, maybe the BCS should just crown the Fighting Irish national champions without even having them play in a bowl game. They are, after all, Notre Dame -- the most pampered sports program in history.

Matthew Nelson

North Hollywood


Even though that team from South Bend has beaten two pretty good teams, Washington State and Pittsburgh, and because it has a dismal 2-6 record so far and will probably lose to a team they have beaten for 40 years (Navy), I think it is time the Irish join the Ivy League so they can schedule teams such as Yale, Harvard, Colgate, Army, etc.

Ron Nelson

Culver City

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