Vicente Fox's Push for Immigration Reform

In reading "Mexico's Fox Pushes Immigration Reform on Southwest Visit" (Nov. 5), I was struck by the fact that a huge piece of the conversation was missing from this ongoing dialogue. Why aren't we talking about helping Mexico overhaul its governmental and economic infrastructure? Mexico is a beautiful country that could be prosperous, but so much potential is squandered by corrupt and inept leadership. We can spend billions of dollars (and, more important, lives) to invade Iraq to supposedly help that country "get on its feet," and we don't even discuss doing the same for Mexico? If I were a Mexican citizen, I would be furious: President Vicente Fox is clearly wanting to dump his people rather than find ways for the country to function.

Scott Nordell

Costa Mesa


Fox should be lobbying for economic aid so his people would not have to risk their lives in the Arizona desert. He should be reforming the Mexican education system so that businesses have an educated workforce. The last thing he should be doing is going around the U.S. lobbying for increased benefits for Mexicans who broke the law. Maybe we should treat illegals in the U.S. as they do in Mexico -- they deport them.

Brian Martinez

Adelanto, Calif.


Fox doesn't want immigration "reform" in the U.S. He wants immigration capitulation by the U.S. Fox deserves a firm response: "No. Go home and build a society your people won't desperately seek to escape."

Paul Nachman

Redondo Beach

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