Variations on a lunge

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Because your body gets used to the same basic moves done in the same way, it's a good idea to practice variations of classic moves for better results. Use a fence or railing for balance when starting out. Experienced exercisers can perform this move without holding on to anything.


1 Begin with your right leg behind you in a lunge position. Your right knee should be below your right hip; your left knee should be above your left ankle. Maintain an upright torso and extend your right arm forward at shoulder height.

2 As you push off the ball of your right foot, swing your back leg forward until your knee is bent at hip level. At the same time, straighten your left leg and bring your arm down behind your hips. Pull your abdominals firmly toward your spine and stand tall. Pause, then slowly return your right leg to the lunge position. Do eight repetitions, then switch legs. Repeat three sets on each leg.


-- Karen Voight

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