Johnson Bails Out Johnson

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Somebody named Johnson tormented the Houston Texans again.

Rudi Johnson set a Cincinnati record by running 43 times, picking up 182 yards and two second-half touchdowns Sunday in the Bengals' 34-27 victory over the Texans.

Still fuming over the way Chad Johnson guaranteed the Bengals' lopsided victory last season, the Texans (3-6) were determined to shut him up in the rematch. The chatty receiver failed to score or do his promised touchdown dance.

The Texans couldn't keep the other Johnson -- the one who keeps quiet and avoids theatrics -- from doing just about anything he wished.

Corey Dillon's unheralded backup kept the Bengals (4-5) in contention in the AFC North and feeling rather full of themselves heading into a home game against undefeated Kansas City on Sunday.

"We will win -- that's a guarantee," Chad Johnson said. "It should be the game of the week, the undefeated team against the new-era Bengals."

Inactive because of a strained groin, Dillon wasn't on the sideline as his backup busted through holes and the crowd of 50,437 chanted "Rudi! Rudi!"

Unlike the other Johnson, Rudi kept his mouth shut and kept the celebrations simple. He simply flipped the ball to the official after his 17-yard touchdown run in the third quarter.

Johnson surpassed Dillon's team record of 39 carries against Tennessee in 1997, when Dillon topped Jim Brown's rookie record of 246 yards rushing.

With 32 seconds left and a seven-point lead, the Bengals went on a fourth down from the Houston 13. Jon Kitna threw to Chad Johnson, who slid into the end zone.

However, the officials ruled Johnson down at the one, and Kitna went to his knee after taking the next snap.

Houston's David Carr, who sat out last week's game because of a sprained ankle, completed 11 of 25 passes for 146 yards.

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