The Hollywood political spigot

Here's a sampling of entertainment industry donations to presidential campaigns during the first nine months of 2003:

President Bush


Chuck Norris, actor

Dino De Laurentiis, producer

Terry Semel, Yahoo CEO

Richard Zanuck, producer

Lili Zanuck, producer-director

Amy Grant, musician

Jami Gertz, actress

Jeff Shaara, writer


Ben Stein, writer-actor


Former Illinois Sen. Carol Moseley Braun


Quincy Jones, producer

Peg Yorkin, producer


Berry Gordy, West Grand Media chairman


Retired Gen. Wesley K. Clark


Mary Steenburgen, actress

Alan Alda, actor

Lauren Shuler-Donner, producer

Alan Ladd, producer

Steven Bochco, writer-producer

Richard Donner, director

Margaret Loyd Langley, TV and film producer


Andrew Karp, Lava Records executive


Nora Ephron, writer-director


Former Vermont Gov.

Howard Dean


Christopher Guest, director

Norman Lear, producer

Bradley Whitford, actor

David Crosby, musician

Diane English-Shukovsky, writer-producer

Helen Hunt, actress

Rene Russo, actress


Tony Shalhoub, actor

Paul Newman, actor


North Carolina Sen. John Edwards


Gary Levy, musician

Adam Venit, talent agent

Norman Brokaw, William Morris Agency chairman

Armyan Bernstein, producer


Mark Bryan, musician Robert Stein, talent agent

Patrick Wachsberger, Summit Entertainment president and CEO


Missouri Rep. Richard A. Gephardt


Judith Light, actress

Marlo Thomas, actress

Jack Valenti, Motion Picture Assn. of America chairman

Barry Diller, InterActive Corp. CEO

Melissa Gilbert, actress and Screen Actors Guild president

Richard Lovett, CAA agent

Michael Mann, director

Frank Marshall, director

Chevy Chase, actor


Massachusetts Sen. John F. Kerry


Jamie Lee Curtis, actress

Michael J. Fox, actor

Sherry Lansing, Paramount Motion Picture Group chairwoman

Penny Marshall, director

Bette Midler, actress

Jerry Seinfeld, actor


Ron Meyer, Vivendi Universal Entertainment president

Barry Meyer, Warner Brothers chairman


Ohio Rep. Dennis J. Kucinich


Edward Norton, actor

Bonnie Raitt, musician

Summer Phoenix, actor


Jeff Bridges, actor

Peter Yarrow, musician


Larry Hagman, actor

Peter Coyote, actor-writer


Eric Roberts, actor

Connecticut Sen. Joe Lieberman


Debra Messing, actress

Thomas Barad, producer

Jerry Stiller, actor


Norman Pattiz, Westwood One founder

Haim Saban, owner of Saban Entertainment

Kenneth Cole, president of Kenneth Cole Inc.

David Kohan, "Will & Grace" creator


The Rev. Al Sharpton


Steve Harvey, comedian

Robert Johnson, BET Cable founder and president

Antonio M. Reid, Arista Records CEO and president


Barbra Streisand, actress-singer-director


Katreese Barnes, musician


Robert Levin, musician


Donations to multiple candidates

Ted Danson, actor (Dean, Clark, Edwards)

Chris Albrecht, HBO chairman (Kerry, Edwards, Dean)

Larry David, creator of "Seinfeld" and "Curb Your Enthusiasm" (Gephardt, Edwards, Dean and co-host of Clark fund-raiser)

Ari Emanuel, Endeavor agent (Edwards, Gephardt, Kerry, co-host of Clark fund-raiser)

Jeffrey Katzenberg, DreamWorks founder (Gephardt, Edwards)

Barbra Streisand, actress-singer-director (Kerry, Sharpton, Edwards and Dean)

Aaron Sorkin, creator of "West Wing" (Edwards, Gephardt, Dean, Clark)

Glenn Close, actress (Dean, Edwards)

Jack Valenti, Motion Picture Assn. of America chairman (Kerry, Gephardt)

Source: Federal Elections Commission and Times researcher Mark Madden

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