Get a grip on yoga

Yoga and Pilates are traditionally done sans footwear. Feet in socks tend to slip on the mat, and feet in shoes make it difficult to achieve certain poses and positions, as well as point the toes. However, some people have ... how shall we put it, foot "issues," be they perpetually cold feet or less than perfect feet -- factors that have kept them from partaking in these exercises. But now there are ExerSocks.


ExerSocks: These socks with a nonslip sole were created to help the foot-challenged. Geb Masterson, president of the Yorba Linda-based Crescent Moon Yoga, says the idea came to him while he was practicing yoga. "I perspire a lot," he explains, "and I was slipping left and right off the mat. I asked why you can't wear socks, and people told me it's because you'd slip." Inspired by the little gripper dots on the bottoms of his children's socks, he came up with something similar for adults. ExerSocks come just to the ankle and are made of cotton and spandex.

Price: ExerSocks are $9.99 and come in a variety of colors and sizes. They're available at or by calling (714) 282-9600.


-- Jeannine Stein

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