Hold Bush to His Promises on Iraq

Re "Iraqi Security Forces Far From Ready," Nov. 16: The thing missing in all the discussion of "Iraqification" is any mention of the weapons of mass destruction. Remember those? The reason that American troops are there in the first place? If control is handed over to the Iraqis and the U.S. troops start coming home, who will find the tons and barrels and warheads of WMDs that President Bush told us about in his State of the Union address? Or have Bush, et al, finally admitted, at least implicitly, that there aren't any WMDs to be found?

Robert Earle


Surprise, surprise. "Iraqi Leaders Back Plan for Sovereignty" (Nov. 15). If you hold a gun to my head, I'll agree to anything too.

Raymond Rodriguez

Long Beach


It's a shame we chose to let the Iraqis write their own constitution with a large committee. We could have taken a hint from Gen. Douglas MacArthur, who almost single-handedly wrote a new constitution for Japan in a very short time.

Bill Gourlay

Westlake Village


Europe should join us in rebuilding Iraq now that the Bush administration has come full circle and asked for assistance. There is no time to lose. Beyond the decisive result of the military action itself, the fate of the Iraqi people hangs in the balance. We've taken Iraq from controlled chaos to uncontrolled chaos. The hammer of our sanctions in the last decade is undeniable.

The people of Iraq deserve some respect, and real action, from those who have spoken in their name. Put plans on Iraqi democracy and self-determination in motion, but let's not forget our primary responsibility: the well being of Iraqi men, women and children who are not accomplices in this bloodletting. It's time to secure Iraq and send a message to these so-called resisters that the world will not stand by silently this time while the fate of the less fortunate is decided.

Jimm Donnelly

Newport Beach


If Bush is right that if we don't fight the terrorists in Iraq we will have to fight them at home, then let us pray that the war in Iraq goes on a long, long time.

Leon Roth

Corona del Mar


Bush's newfound urgency to give government back to the Iraqis is telling. Noble? I think not. The swift shock and awe has turned into a long, hard slog. Approval ratings are slipping, and casualties are sadly mounting. He will now attempt to close Pandora's box with a Band-Aid and hope it holds until November. Make no mistake. This arrogant, privileged son is focused on the greater good: his reelection.

Tim Pfeifer

Long Beach

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