*--* No School (Rec) Comment 1 OKLAHOMA (11-0) Nation's top scoring offense could topple Wilt's mark (100 points) vs. Texas Tech. 2 USC (9-1) If it's any consolation, Trojans did not fall from No. 2 in the Pac-10 standings. 3 LOUISIANA STATE (9-1) Hanging around the BCS barn hoping to get a longshot title-game mount. 4 OHIO STATE (10-1) Tressel takes top prize in NRA-sponsored bullet-dodging contest. 5 MICHIGAN (9-2) USC puts finishing touches on its "Tribute to Michigan" halftime show. 6 WASHINGTON STATE (9-2) You can throw seeds out the window when Washington teams meet in Apple Cup. 7 TEXAS CHRISTIAN (10-0) School wins "Miss Congeniality" in recent BCS standings beauty contest. 8 TEXAS (9-2) Mack Brown wants to know what to wear to his first BCS bowl game. 9 GEORGIA (8-2) Bulldogs are fit to be tied in wild, three-way dogfight in SEC East. 10 TENNESSEE (8-2) Internet reports claiming Fulmer would resign may have been a tad premature. 11 MISSISSIPPI (8-2) Top this, Eli: Your old man threw for 345 yards to upset LSU in 1969. 12 PURDUE (8-3) That's two years running you could have defeated Ohio State ... but didn't. 13 VIRGINIA TECH (8-2) School recovering from a ho-hum Hokie performance against Temple. 14 MIAMI (8-2) QB problems make a program long for the salad days of Ken Dorsey. 15 FLORIDA STATE (9-2) Bowden gobbles up ACC titles the way some guys eat peanuts. 16 FLORIDA (8-3) Just hanging out in Gainesville until Florida State pulls into town. 17 MIAMI (OHIO) (9-1) Confusing, we know, but Miami of Ohio this week is Miami at Ohio. 18 IOWA (8-3) Orange Bowl assures Rose Bowl it is not interested in Iowa this year. 19 KANSAS STATE (9-3) So, bring us up to speed since that awful loss to Marshall. 20 PITTSBURGH (7-3) Ask Virginia Tech if this week's game against Temple is going to be a cinch. 21 NEBRASKA (8-3) This record gets a coach a raise in some places, but certainly not here. 22 BOISE STATE (9-1) Humane victory over Fresno State would put team in Humanitarian Bowl. 23 BOWLING GREEN (8-2) Team's Nov. 28 game vs. Toledo is for all the MAC-West marbles. 24 WEST VIRGINIA (6-4) Hard to imagine this is the same team that lost to Cincinnati. 25 MINNESOTA (9-3) Wrapped up regular season three days before Keyshawn Johnson wrapped up his.


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