Debunking the JFK Assassination 'Plots'

Once again the JFK conspiracy theory is kept alive (letters, Nov. 15). In fact, the rifle used by Lee Harvey Oswald is sometimes used to hunt elephants, it has so much penetrating power. The condition of the bullet is noticeably bent. The Zapruder film in no way contradicts a single-shooter theory. There were no significant other leads. There were no front-entry wounds to the president.

Oswald has been portrayed as a poor shot. Not so. He shot 212 for a sharpshooter score in the U.S. Marine Corps. I shot exactly the same and was one of only 10 sharpshooters in the platoon of 80 recruits; approximately eight were experts and the rest marksmen.

We live in a country where the president can't even keep an office affair secret, but an army of paranoids believes literally hundreds of necessary conspirators have taken their secret to the grave.

Bob Keegan

Agoura Hills

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