Lawmakers Should Forgo Pay to Help State

During his first press conference, besides detailing his bold legislative agenda, Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger proclaimed that he would forgo his yearly compensation as governor, instead leaving that money in the state's general fund to help balance the budget (Nov. 19). State legislators should follow suit, relinquishing recent salary increases and salary compensation until California's massive budget deficit is balanced.

By following his lead, our representatives would be showing us whether they are statesmen and legislators looking after the best interests of taxpayers or just self-serving politicians.

Darwin M. Ochs



Now we know what candidate Schwarzenegger was reluctant to discuss at length. He is planning to balance the budget on the backs of injured workers (Nov. 19). We can only hope that state Sen. John Burton (D-San Francisco) will terminate such plans, even if he has to threaten to repeal the workers' compensation reforms of last year.

Joanne Nagy

Granada Hills

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