Burdens on Peace: Fences and Arafat's Empty Words

Re "Apt Warning for Sharon," editorial, Nov. 19: Once again The Times places the onus for initiating moves toward peace on Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon, suggesting that it's time for him to remove the settlements from the so-called occupied territories. What will Israel receive in return? More empty promises from Yasser Arafat? We all know from his history of broken promises that even signed agreements mean nothing to him. Looking back, one wonders how the entire world could have been duped into awarding this avowed terrorist the Nobel Peace Prize.

Israel isn't the culprit here. If pressure is to be applied, let it be on the Palestinian leadership to prove its good faith by dismantling its terrorist infrastructure once and for all. Then and only then should Israel be asked to make concessions.

Bruce Friedman

Beverly Hills


At least those who criticize the actions of Sharon can be assured that they will live another day to criticize him. Those who criticize Arafat are left hanging in a public square with bullet holes through their heads.

Jonathan Grossman

Huntington Beach


Re "Sharon Urges Europe's Jews to Immigrate to Israel," Nov. 19: The European Union is said to criticize "Sharon's building of a wall in portions of the West Bank to block potential suicide bombers.... " This description of purpose might be appropropriate if Israel were building the wall on its own territory; indeed, it can build whatever fortifications it wishes for whatever reason within its own borders. Since, however, a large part of the wall is planned to be built inside the illegally occupied territory of the West Bank, perhaps the EU objects to the massive confiscation of still more Palestinian land that this construction project makes inevitable.

Tom Gorman


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