Volker Dolch, 59; Leader in Designing Computer Processors

From Staff and Wire Reports

Volker Dolch, 59, a pioneer in microprocessor design who founded Dolch Logic Instruments in Germany in 1976 and Dolch Computer Systems in California in 1987, died of cancer at his home in Belvedere, Calif., on Aug. 21.

Born in Germany, Dolch graduated from Frankfurt University with a degree in electrical engineering. He joined Scanner Inc., where he was awarded 16 patents relating to the Universal Product Code.

In 1976, Dolch started Dolch Logic Instruments in West Germany to design and manufacture a line of logic analyzers used in the design of digital electronic circuits.

When Dolch wanted to expand in 1982, he discovered that cash was hard to find in West Germany. His solution was to have the firm’s California subsidiary, formed in the late 1970s in the Silicon Valley, acquire the parent company. The company sold off a percentage of its equity to raise more than a million in venture capital.

In 1987, Dolch sold Dolch Logic Instruments to BMW and founded Dolch Computer Systems in California for the design and manufacture of portable instrumentation computers. Dolch sold his interest in the company in 1996 but continued to run it until retiring in early 2001.