The Democrats Should Get a New Nominee

Re “Pointing Out Kerry’s Reluctance on Iraq May Spotlight Bush’s Rigidity,” Aug. 16: Now that Sen. John Kerry has reaffirmed his vote for the Iraqi attack resolution and, consequently, erased any meaningful difference between himself and President Bush regarding that shameful assault, it behooves the Democrats to reconvene their nominating convention.

This time they should name someone who is able to explain in simple, punchy, intelligible terms why he or she should be elected in November instead of Bush. Kerry obviously is not that person.

Harold Watkins

Studio City



Ronald Brownstein’s column is a leftist’s comedic low: when strength is weakness and weakness is strength; when decisiveness is rigidity; and indecision is deemed thoughtfulness.

Congratulations to The Times for making a previously important newspaper into skit material for “Saturday Night Live.”

Gerald Chong

El Segundo