Clean-Beaches Idea Should Shape Policy

Re “Don’t Let Runoff Make Our Coast a Gutter,” commentary, Dec. 7:

I agree with Tom Harman when he says that clean beaches are key to the quality of life in Southern California.

The problem of urban runoff, which is prevalent at most Orange County beaches, has been linked directly to the toxic brew running from our storm drains into the ocean, yet development continues to be proposed that will contribute even more of this mess to our cleanest beaches in south Orange County.

Trestles, a world-renowned surf break, and San Onofre, both just south of San Clemente, are in danger of losing their fame as “clean water” waves due to our own local governmental leaders’ support of the proposed development of Rancho Mission Viejo and the Foothill South toll road extension, which are upstream from these beaches. More houses, shopping centers, and toll roads equate to more beach closures, and our local officials need to realize there is an alternative to this destruction by supporting efforts to purchase this land for recreational uses that do not pollute our creeks and ocean.


Ed Schlegel

Capistrano Beach