Salvation Army’s Christian Practice


Thank you for your Jan. 21 coverage of the Joan B. Kroc estate’s gift. We appreciate the good news story, but I was intrigued by the perception that “religion is no longer as strong a component of the [the Salvation Army] mission” (“Soup, Soap and Salvation Comforts Millions”). Perhaps we have different understandings of religion.

The Salvation Army, as an evangelical Christian church, has always expressed its faith in practical ministry. We believe that our faith has undergirded our steady effectiveness in connecting and responding to the needs of body, mind and spirit for 139 years. All our efforts, including the Ray and Joan Kroc Community Centers, will continue to be integrated with a strong sense that Jesus would have been engaged with people where they live and where they hurt -- not in the sense of stuffy religion, but in a focus on being human together. Commitment to a Christian faith is what defines us and keeps us focused in the multitude of opportunities that are part of the Salvation Army’s daily work.

Commissioner Linda Bond

Territorial Commander

Salvation Army Western

Territory, Los Angeles