Immigration Sweeps Far From the Border

Re “Inland Latinos Alarmed by New Border Patrol Sweeps,” June 10: Are law-abiding citizens supposed to be upset that immigration law is being enforced?

As a California taxpayer, I support this example of long-overdue enforcement and hope that it is only the beginning. I’m tired of billions of our tax dollars being spent on social services for Mexico’s poor who have been dumped on this country. Mexican immigration has been a policy that harms America and keeps the Mexican ruling class wealthy as it forces their unskilled and illiterate citizens north.

Brenda Walker


The last time I checked, the authorities have no right to stop someone unless officials can articulate facts that show there is criminal activity afoot and that the person in question is somehow involved.


I don’t think that appearing to be of Mexican descent and riding a bus is enough. Someone should remind immigration officials that we don’t live in Nazi Germany, where everyone had to show “their papers” upon request.

I’m a person of Mexican descent and am not stopping for any phony stops. I urge my fellow Latinos to do the same.

Miguel Rosales


I applaud the policy shift that enables agents to finally enforce our immigration laws. Too bad if the illegal invaders are angry and scared about it. We have every right to expel them.

Susan Campbell

Los Angeles