Bush Ad Is Over the Line

It is truly sad that the Bush reelection campaign has felt the need to publish an ad on its website that shows Sen. John Kerry and other leading Democrats voicing their criticisms of President Bush while using images and the sounds of Hitler speaking at rallies (“Campaigns Square Off Over Mentions of Nazis,” June 26).

This ad equates Democrats opposing Bush to a psychotic dictator who killed millions of people and tried to take over the world.

In defense of the ad, the Bush campaign said it got the Hitler images from one of the thousands of ads sent to’s advertisement contest.

The Bush advertisement goes beyond gutter politics and shows again that the president’s team will say or do anything to get elected. Whether it’s the war in Iraq, the environment or the economy, the Bush administration never lets the truth get in its way. So much for compassionate conservatism or changing the tone.


Maybe Bush was not kidding when he said things would be easier if this were a dictatorship.

Ron Bauer