The Power of Your Vote and the Power of Scripture

Sen. John F. Kerry is in California this week to raise money for his campaign, having used most of his funds for the recent primaries. It is horrifying to think that the future of this country may rest on who has the wealthiest friends and can raise the most money.

Wake up, America! Our freedom is precious. Do not allow those who have the most dollars determine who will become president. Use the power of your vote wisely, but most important, exercise your right to vote.

Mari Scott

Redondo Beach


Re “Kerry Cites Scripture, Appeals for ‘Works of Compassion,’ ” March 29: Once again, the Bush administration is outraged by criticism and as usual is blasting back with a tidal wave of indignation. This time it’s Kerry’s use of a Bible quote that says that we should be “doers of the word and not hearers only.” These thin-skinned Bushite hypocrites thought nothing of labeling all critics of the Iraq war as “unpatriotic,” or most liberals as “traitors.” But when criticism is leveled their way their response is to get hurt over the unfairness of the political rhetoric. My response to these nattering GOP nabobs is simply: If you can’t take it, don’t dish it out.

Kenny Feuerman

Beverly Hills

When Kerry uses the Bible, it’s called “exploitation.”

When the White House uses the Bible, it’s called “faith.”

Christina Waldeck


I see that Kerry wants to cut all corporation taxes by 5% (March 27). Why aren’t the liberals screaming about this? Just imagine the outrage if Bush had said this!


Does anybody really think Kerry wants all the “evil” corporations like Enron, Halliburton, Exxon Mobil and the pharmaceutical companies to get a 5% tax break? I think the Republicans should call his bluff and say, “Hey, what a great idea, John! Let’s do it this summer, and you can be the sponsor of the bill.” I think you’d see Kerry backpedal faster than you can say “Heinz ketchup.”

Kenneth Vasquez


Basta, Michael Ramirez. This latest low cartoon against Kerry (“The Many Positions of John Kerry,” Commentary, March 30) is beyond any semblance of decency. Have you no shame?


Eva L. Barcia

Los Angeles

Nobody knows how to fix the economy or stop terrorism. People just want someone to love. When W dumps “Health Problems” Dick Cheney for Rudolph Giuliani or Colin Powell, Kerry doesn’t stand a chance without either Hillary Clinton or Oprah Winfrey, or possibly John McCain. End of list. We need star power to electrify the voters. No one who lives in California could argue against that.

Jack Cooper


Van Nuys