Right, Wrong, Raving

Last week Opinion published the electoral forebodings and predictions of 10 pundits. The election results are in....

Columnist Charles Krauthammer

"[T]wo [disputed elections] in a row, and in a wartime, would be a catastrophe.” ... Chicken Little

CNN analyst Jeffrey Toobin


"[W]e will be in court well before noon.” ... Wrong

Kerry advisor Joe Lockhart

"[T]his is [not] going to be a litigation election.” ... Right

Foreign policy pundit Ivo Daalder


"[H]ow can we run a foreign policy ... when on the most basic

element of democracy [voting], we get it wrong twice in a

row?” ... Chicken Little

Former Secretary of State Warren Christopher


“A repeat performance [of 2000] would do irreparable damage to [our democracy].” ... Chicken Little

Former White House Chief of Staff Leon E. Panetta

"[I] don’t know how many national elections you can take to the Supreme Court [before you have an] explosion.” ... Chicken Little

Writer Bob Woodward


“God knows what we might be running into election night, particularly if it’s close.” ... Pseudo-right

Former Al Gore campaign attorney David Boies

“You have it probably coming down to Florida again.” ... Dead wrong

Author John Fund


“There’s a 75% chance we’ll know who the winner is.” ... 75% right

Bush campaign chairman Marc Racicot

"[T]his election will unfold as it should.” ... Quasi-right