Sea legs are still wobbly

I read “Getting Its Sea Legs” [Oct. 24] with great interest. The same problems my wife and I encountered in June during a repositioning/shake-down cruise on the Pride of Aloha apparently still exist. When you pay that much money for a cruise, there is no excuse for poor service and having to pay extra to eat at one of the other restaurants.

NCL, apparently, hasn’t learned its lesson about taking care of passengers.

Bill Sims




The Norwegian Sky was re-flagged the Pride of Aloha. It was refurbished to reflect the Hawaiian Islands. The cabins, although redecorated, were not resized. So whether you sailed pre- or post-U.S. ownership, the cabin size remained the same.

If the space was sparse, as some passengers stated, they should have booked larger accommodations.

Laurie Wilcox

Palm Desert