Why County’s Voters Rejected Police Funding

Re “Lawmen Vow to Press for Funding,” Nov. 4: Maybe if California stopped spending $35,000 to $45,000 a year per inmate doing life sentences for stealing pizza and aspirins, there would be more money for police officers to stop the truly violent criminals. Before we vote for one more nickel for police funding, Los Angeles County Sheriff Lee Baca and Los Angeles Police Chief William Bratton might want to tell us how they voted on Proposition 66 [the measure to moderate California’s three-strikes law].

Miguel Rosales




When Chief Bratton and Sheriff Baca can convince the citizens of Los Angeles that their officers are not likely to cost taxpayers millions of dollars a year in litigation and settlement awards for their abusive practices, that the police force is not corrupt, that they will actively investigate and root out abuse and corruption, then taxpayers will be willing to give the police agencies a raise.

Maybe the only way to convince them is to hit them in the wallet.

Remember, gentlemen, we pay your salaries too. When you perform your jobs effectively, we’ll give you a raise.

Ellen Barry

Los Angeles