Videotape Said to Show Hostage in Iraq

From Associated Press

The Al Jazeera satellite television channel aired a videotape Thursday showing what it said was an American contractor of Lebanese origin held hostage in Iraq.

The balding, middle-aged man, who carried a U.S. passport and an identification card in the name of Dean Sadek, was shown sitting in front of a green wall. Al Jazeera did not air any audio but quoted the man as saying all businesses should stop cooperating with U.S. authorities.

The passport and identification card were visible in the videotape.


The kidnapping was claimed in the name of the 1920 Revolution Brigade, a known insurgent group, Al Jazeera said. The name refers to an uprising against the British after World War I.

It was unclear when or where the man was kidnapped, but last week the Interior Ministry said a Lebanese American was seized by armed men from his home in the city’s Mansour district and gave the name as Radim Sadeq.