Indian Casino Issue Still Has to Play Out

It’s good to know that the Indian casinos have hit the jackpot with the elderly (Nov. 8). Now we can be assured that the tribes will be well funded in secret negotiations with Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger that may result in 25% of their revenues going to the state. Unfortunately, Arnold will not get as much as he expects, as President Bush’s plan to privatize Social Security will result in cuts in benefits to the elderly, so that they will have less money to throw away on the slot machines.

Oh well, at least there will be many more houses available on the market after these people lose them to pay off the gambling debts.

Gersten Schachne



The ads with Jesse Ventura insinuating that Indians are being victimized has me regretting that I voted for Indian gaming in the first place.


The Indian tribes were awarded a monopoly in California that is worth billions of dollars. These funds are now used to influence legislators and buy advertising attacking the governor. The compacts negotiated by the governor require “taxes” at a much lower rate than many tribes are paying in other states. These are greedy, not victimized, Indians.

Bob Munday

Los Angeles