HUD Urged to Show Some Compassion

Re "Family Faces Loss of Home Over Signature," Sept. 16: With taxes, the citizens of California subsidize the city's Housing Authority and are probably much more critical of these federal Housing and Urban Development programs than the organization's leaders. In the instance of a struggling young family being deposed of their financial assistance from HUD because of a forgotten signature, I would certainly think that Californians would be much more tolerant of a common omission. Reading the history of this family's efforts to not just survive but aspire in a world of apathy is endearing.

Come on, HUD, everyone can recognize the difference between a silly error and fraud. Don't lose focus on what your primary goal is, to help. To continue to pursue this case against such deserving and honest people is the crime here. HUD should take the wheel and put the Housing Authority back on course.

Leonard Gaudreau


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