Lynn Seynour, 89; Designed Vessels That Were Fuel-Efficient

From Times Staff and Wire Reports

Lynn Seynour, 89, a designer of fuel-efficient watercraft used for both work and pleasure, died Sept. 19 in his native Seattle after a period of declining health.

Seynour began working in Seattle’s boatyards as a teenager, learning construction and repair. He served on Navy patrol boats during World War II, gaining more experience in repair and maintenance.

To become a certified designer, Seynour later took a correspondence course from the Westlawn School of Yacht Design in Stamford, Conn.


In the late 1970s, as fuel became scarce and more expensive, Seynour designed the fuel-efficient Nordic tug, introduced at the Seattle Boat Show in 1980. In a single month, 52 were ordered. He also designed hulls for commercial fishing, including the Marlineer, which opened up the sport-fishing industry in Mexico, and yachts built by Grandy, Delta Marine and The BoatYard.