Debating airport security measures

IN reply to letters from Kevann Lamkin and Steven Cordwell about airport security [“The ‘Request’ You May Not Want to Refuse,” Aug. 7]: How soon we forget our own soil was attacked and we are at war.

If at the airport I am asked to strip naked, that’s exactly what will happen, and then I will thank the people checking passengers for making my travel safer.

And I ask Cordwell, who complains of prejudice against people of color in the airports: If a white man assaults you, who do you go looking for? A black man? A brown man? No, you go looking for a white man.





I quit flying because of the Transportation Security Administration. Not because they act like rude goons but because having them does not make us safer on a commercial aircraft. If hijackers threaten to take over a flight, the passengers are going to deal with them.

What we need are measures to ensure no bombs are placed aboard the aircraft in the baggage compartment.



San Diego