The next storm to hit the nation: fuel prices

Re “Hurricane Lashes a City Abandoned,” Aug. 29

As we watch Hurricane Katrina hit Louisiana, and see gas prices jump because the oil from that area is under a cloud, we see how dependent we are on oil for our daily lives. So for all those who have been preaching about not drilling for oil where it is, we can thank them for the rising prices.

But there is another point that must be considered. The United States doesn’t have the oil refinery capacity to meet demand because those same people so concerned about the environment have succeeded in preventing new refineries from being constructed.

So as they complain against the use of nuclear power, coal and drilling for gas/oil, you can just hope that your boss keeps giving you pay raises to meet the growing fuel bills that are coming and the new taxes that are going to be levied to pay for the governmental fleet of vehicles that must be kept in gasoline.


And for those who have conserved -- because it’s their nature -- I just wonder how they will be able to cut back any further.


Redondo Beach