Hello and Goodbye to Tony Blankley

Re “The Liberal Beast Meets Mr. Right,” commentary, Feb. 4: I am going to be 40 in three days, though I fear if I keep reading articles such as Tom Blankley’s I am not going to make it. When is this vitriolic mudslinging going to stop? I’m a lefty as well as being a Democrat, I’m not a big fan of Arianna Huffington, and I don’t always see eye to eye with Robert Scheer, but man, this guy turned me off.

He’s starting a new job with a fresh pair of boxing gloves, but no promise of truly thought-provoking debate. Why would I want to listen to someone who doesn’t want to inform us of a different opinion, merely obliterate any perceived opposition?

Mr. Blankley, I do not want to “slam doors” in your face, but this way of communicating is not helping our country, our world or, on a more personal note, my well-being. Sorry, but I’ve got to stop now; I think my left side is starting to go numb.


Lori Morse

Los Angeles


Blankley’s column almost converted me to the conservative side, until he showed the true face of his leanings. His people only think of the “clink, clink” of the money and not the “tick, tick” of the heart.

E. Rhoda Lewis

Palm Desert


As Blankley rationalizes and cross-promotes his new public radio gig, can The Times rationalize devoting two valuable columns of type to such blatant self-promotion? More gravitas, less gravy please.

Bruce N. Breslau