Lawsuits Too Often Are the First Option

Re “Objection! Bush’s Rap on Lawsuits Is Wrong,” Commentary, Jan. 25: Robert S. Kahn appropriately points out that where the law makes it easier to sue, more lawsuits are filed. There aren’t necessarily more victims, but there is a greater arsenal for personal injury attorneys to target businesses.

In California, voters were finally sick of lawsuit abuse and said “no more” to shakedown lawsuits of small business by passing Proposition 64.

Michael H. Horner




I agree wholeheartedly that lawsuits provide a close-up view of the good and bad of our society. I disagree with Kahn’s statement, “For all of us, the courts are a last recourse against injustice and abuse.”

For much of society that statement is true. However, it has become increasingly normal for lawsuits to be the first option, and there are those who use our judicial system fraudulently. There are lawsuits clogging our courts without any real defendants, without any harm being done, filed just to make money. We need reform to weed out abusive junk lawsuits, so we can put more money in the hands of the injured and less money in the pockets of lawyers.

Maryann Maloney


Executive Director

Orange County Citizens Against Lawsuit Abuse