Gehry and Disney Do a Star Turn with Marge and Homer

Frank Gehry’s Walt Disney Concert Hall has been paid the ultimate tribute: a role in TV’s “The Simpsons.” The town of Springfield discovers it’s considered uncultured because its symphony orchestra and high school basketball team perform in the same gym (at the same time).

So Marge Simpson writes to Gehry, asking him to design a concert hall for the town.

Gehry crumples up the letter and throws it on the ground -- then notices that it has assumed an interesting shape (spoofing critics who said his Disney Hall resembled a shoe box left in the rain).

Anyway, Gehry builds the hall but attendance quickly plummets as Springfielders reject classical music.


One spectator grouses about a Beethoven recital, “I thought it was going to be the soundtrack of the movie ‘Beethoven.’ ” No problem. The town rich guy acquires the hall and transforms it into the Montgomery Burns State Prison.

Those of us who have felt somewhat akin to prisoners while sitting through a concert of classical music can appreciate the imagery.

Unclear on the concept: Bill Anderson heard a KFWB-AM (980) anchor talking about the U.S. Supreme Court ruling that federal authorities can prosecute people who smoke physician-prescribed marijuana to treat illnesses.

“Supporters of medical marijuana took a big hit today,” the anchor said -- perhaps unaware that “hit” is an old term used by marijuana practitioners.


Con job: A company that was looking to hire someone with a criminal past caught the eye of writer Calvin Parker of Upland (see accompanying).

Wonder if it was a group of bank robbers looking for a getaway driver.

Unreal estate: Dee Brown of Woodland Hills chanced upon a house whose occupants included a winged creature (see accompanying). Noting its condition, Brown added: “Bet it’s mad as heck!”

Just say neigh: Doug Disney spotted a nag at Hollywood Park whose name fit -- unfortunately for anyone foolish enough to bet on him (see accompanying).

miscelLAny: Craig Walker saw a State Farm ad at Angel Stadium that said:

“With stolen cars we can help you. With stolen bases is another matter.” OK, but what about a little pennant insurance for the Angels?

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