L.A. Bloggified


In L.A., bloggers may have gone mainstream, but they’re all over this city’s most recent fringe activity: voting. Here are some sites that local civic leaders and political hobbyists peruse, and a glimpse at what they’ve been saying about Tuesday’s mayoral election. -- Brendan Buhler

Boi from Troy

( A gay Republican, USC alumnus, sports fan’s perspective on area politics

Mayoral comment: “What would we get in four more years of Jim Hahn? I couldn’t tell you, but I suspect more grand juries and federal investigations would be up there on the list.”


Election reaction: “Blech.”


Joe Scott: The Body Politic

( An ex-Herald Examiner columnist, political consultant and third-generation Angeleno’s insightful views

Mayoral comment: “The March 8 primary is the most volatile since 1973, when runoff finalist Tom Bradley beat Mayor Sam Yorty.”

Election reaction: “Hahn will not go down without a bruising fight.”



( A snarky local outpost of a chain-blog with sister sites in London and New York

Comment: “Truly, we are tired of politics, particularly local politics, when our candidates aren’t even any good at getting into fiery policy debates or slinging mud.”

Election reaction: “Yikes.”


L.A. Observed

( Ex-Times journo Kevin Roderick’s full-fledged, insider-oriented, flat-toned take on local news, media and Southern California gossip

Comment: “No surprise that City Controller Laura Chick came out

Election reaction: “Re-dividing of the pie begins today.”


( Ex-Times scribbler Mack Reed’s outrage-driven screed

Comment: “Hahn’s just a lazy, dull, pandering hack politician who can’t seem to grasp that he’s holding the reins of one of the world’s great cities limply in his hands.”

Election reaction: May 17 runoff will be “nemesis-on-nemesis blood sport.”


Martini Republic

( A left-leaning look from a fellow named Joseph Mailander and crew

Comment: “The unimaginative ‘leadership’ of Jimmy Hahn has put the City not so much in perpetual check but in a kind of zugzwang, the situation in chess in which a player is forced to make a disadvantageous move.”

Election reaction: Anti-Latino sentiments “will become the boilerplate for the Hahn campaign.”


Mayor Sam’s Sister City

( A conservative blog “ghost-written” by deceased Mayor Yorty

Comment: “This mayor is by far the worst in L.A. history, even worse than I was.”

Election reaction: “Antonio has issues, but he has some vision.”



Our mayor’s race is kinda like the elections in Iraq. It’s a lot of foreign-speaking people, in the desert, voting for people they’ve never heard of. -- Jay Leno