Black Leaders Should Vent Outrage Now

Re “Constructive Outrage,” editorial, March 22: With tragedies that occur too frequently in South L.A., such as the shooting of Locke High School student Deliesh Allen, we need all the constructive outrage that can be brought to bear in addressing this issue. But where are the African American leaders such as Jesse Jackson, Maxine Waters, Al Sharpton, etc? They should be here for this, rather than for some of the other issues that they so quickly respond to.

Harry Shragg

Los Angeles



Re “Shooting Serves as Call to Action,” March 22: A violence-free zone needs to be implemented in the whole city of L.A. An understaffed Police Department and apathetic support from law-abiding community members are not going to stop gang members/urban terrorists from killing innocent citizens. I suggest civil libertarians, who are so concerned about the police violating the rights of terrorists and care less about the pain of innocent victims, use their money to educate and reform these terrorists. We have a law in the books called the Patriot Act. I suggest the city of L.A. implement it now to protect our communities.

Dan Heredia

Dana Point