A little family strife may help

“Bickering, Bloodsport of Siblings” [March 17] provided several insights into the daily “war of their worlds” that my wife and I must deal with with our two kids, Cody, 11, and Hannah, 6. But your article also made me eat crow.

For years, I have proudly held over my wife’s head the fact that my two sisters and I never argued, while she and her three siblings fought incessantly. I felt there was something wrong with our kids. Every family situation is different, but I think Robin Greene Hagey’s story got it right. It’s good to argue and disagree and stand up for yourself in order to grow and know how to negotiate as an adult. It took me until I was 45 to stand up for myself. So for the sake of my children maturing faster than me ... fight on, kiddies.

Frankie Lee

Lake Forest