2,000 dead in Iraq is 2,000 too many


Re “U.S. Death Toll in Iraq Hits 2,000,” Oct. 26

The justification for the invasion of Iraq has changed several times during the last couple of years. This brings to question the real motives for the war. Now that the number of American deaths has reached 2,000, should we not think of appointing a special prosecutor to look into who, why and how we got into this blunder?


Woodland Hills


The Iraqi war is a meat grinder of the Bush government’s own cynical making. It lied about weapons of mass destruction to gain approval. Invading Iraq hasn’t captured Osama bin Laden, nor diminished Al Qaeda. On the contrary, more people have joined the insurgents to fight U.S. occupation. While we kill more Iraqis and lose more of our soldiers, grinding up more lives will not bring stability, nor peace, and certainly not democracy. Eventually, we will have to leave. Will it be soon, with 2,000 dead American sons and daughters, or later, when the body count is even greater?





Two thousand dead Americans ought to be enough for Iraq’s freedom.

Let’s pack it up and call this war over.


Redondo Beach


Regarding Sen. John Cornyn (R-Texas) stating that the number of U.S. soldiers killed in Iraq reaching 2,000 is an “artificial landmark” (Oct. 26): What a horribly insensitive and ignorant comment!

I wonder exactly how artificial he would consider it if his son or daughter were one of the 2,000.


San Juan Capistrano