ABC Delays ‘Invasion’ Promos

The aftermath of Hurricane Katrina is forcing ABC to delay the marketing for its new disaster-themed thriller “Invasion.”

The drama from Warner Bros. Television and executive producer Shaun Cassidy concerns a park ranger and his family whose lives take bizarre turns after a hurricane devastates their hometown.

“Invasion” is among the most highly anticipated fall premieres. But as the overwhelming destruction of Hurricane Katrina dominated newscasts and headlines Wednesday, ABC yanked on-air promotions for the series. The promotions will probably return later, albeit with references to the show’s fictional hurricane downplayed or removed.


At the moment, ABC said, it does not plan to move the Sept. 21 premiere. “As with anything as serious as this, we are taking great efforts to assess sensitivities with regard to our series,” the network said in a statement.

“They’re in a tough spot,” said Shari Anne Brill, vice president of ad firm Carat USA in New York. “Maybe if they delayed [the launch] for a couple of weeks, it might be all right.”


-- Scott Collins