Mixing it up over guacamole lawsuit

Regarding “Lawsuit stirs up guacamole labeling controversy” (Nov. 30):

Kraft Foods Inc.'s rationalization of the guacamole snafu is astoundingly laughable. The company surely knows from its extensive consumer research that people tend not to read ingredient labels.

True to form, Kraft sees no problem in swooping down on this consumer oversight and larding people up with junk ingredients.

But, then, that is the behavior one expects from a Philip Morris (sorry, I should say Altria Group) company.


Greg McKay



One woman’s displeasure with the amount of avocado used to make Kraft’s guacamole will mean higher prices for all those consumers who enjoy its flavor and will continue to purchase it.


Whereas some lawsuits are legitimate, there are many frivolous suits that, even if beaten in court, still force businesses to spend money to fight them and drive up costs for consumers.

Access to affordable healthcare, local jobs, medical innovations and money for schools are all lost to lawsuits when the legal system is abused.

Everyone wants a legal system in which honest citizens can be fairly compensated when they are wronged. Frivolous lawsuits only make a few greedy lawyers rich while the rest of us are left paying the price.

Robert Donin


Board member

Citizens Against Lawsuit Abuse