Think positive

Far too many of your Dec. 9 letters about the UCLA-USC game should never have been printed. I suppose it’s a sign of the times, but really, why all the negativity and snide remarks? As a whole, those letters detracted from the spirit of the game, as I understand it.

The UCLA-USC game is the single best event in Los Angeles every year. Both schools are among the best in the country. Bruins and Trojans, please reflect, it’s an honor for each to have the other as its main rival.





USC fans resort to insufferable buffoonery by blaming the loss to UCLA on Lane Kiffin.

Was Kiffin calling the plays when USC beat Arkansas and Nebraska? Was Kiffin calling the plays when USC beat Oregon, Cal and Notre Dame? After these excellent wins over solid teams, was Kiffin supposed to morph into Hank Stram, Tom Landry, Sid Gillman and Don Coryell to beat 6-5 UCLA?

UCLA won because its players were highly motivated and USC’s players were looking ahead to the BCS championship game. At some point the players have to take responsibility to motivate themselves to be up for one of the great rivalries in college sports.


USC fans, tip your cap to UCLA, get behind your team to represent the Pac-10 against a great Michigan squad and quit whining about the offensive coordinator who did pretty well after losing Leinart, Bush and White.


Los Angeles