They'll take the bling without the blood

"Blood Diamond" is already affecting how Hollywood shops. 4. Seems Jane Fonda's son is getting engaged, so at the movie's premiere Dec. 6, she asked producer pal Paula Weinstein what to ask a jeweler to make sure the engagement rock -- and her own ear bling -- was certified "conflict free." 5. Djimon Hounsou high-fived Kagiso Kuypers, who plays his son. 6. Jennifer Connelly wore a conflict-free Tiffany ring. 7. But her bling was so understated, hardly anyone noticed. 8. Even Leonardo DiCaprio was giving consumer tips. "When we buy and use products, it's important to know the way the product affects the rest of the world, not just the environment but also the people." But no one dared ask Morgan Freeman about his diamond ear stud for fear of starting a conflict.

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