Israeli settlements and the peace process

Re “West Bank buildup,” Opinion, Jan. 3

Gershom Gorenberg wonders “whether anyone in Washington will seize the opportunity” to stop Israeli settlement growth in the West Bank. Instead, Gorenberg should ask whether anyone in the Palestinian Authority will seize the opportunity to accept statehood and independence. In 2000, the Palestinian Authority was offered much of the land it desired. Instead of accepting independence or making a counteroffer to Israel, the Palestinian Authority rejected statehood and chose to support terrorism. Peace comes to those who seek it.


Brooklyn, N.Y.



Since 1967, the colonial expansionist enterprise has been fostered by lies and outright arrogance. Consideration has been given neither to the West Bank natives, the allies of Israel, nor to the ethical citizens of Israel. How can this flouting of international law continue?

Ma’aleh Adumim is growing, and despite the head-shaking of the United States government, the illegal outposts are patently sacrosanct.

Now is the time for the beleaguered United States to cry “Hold, enough!” in an effort to salvage some respect in the Middle East.


Please, Israel, heed the voice of reason and pay attention to sages such as Gorenberg if there is ever to be a just solution to the hellish hodgepodge in the Holy Land.


Grosse Pointe Park, Mich.