The kiss? Best to follow her lead

I would like to thank Howard Leff for broaching a most important subject ("A Kiss Is Still a Kiss, if Done Right" [Dec. 29], but he has left the male populace with that most dangerous thing: a little information.

As a public service, I would like to provide men with the short list on kissing expertise:

Let the woman lead.

That's right. In dancing, driving and picking up the check, men are expected to command and control, dominate and destroy, but a lady's lips are much too delicate for such apishness.

Guys, bring your passion and every pent-up desire you've had since age 12, but when the lips meet, stop, look and listen. Match her pressure, match her action and match her tonguing. You can make the occasional small foray, but for the most part, do what she does.

That way, you will be as good a kisser as she is, and unless she's running low on self-esteem, she'll think you're great.

Don't practice on the dog. All that will do is make you really good at kissing dogs.



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