Well, it's not just any old mobile home ...

Maybe RVs are the future. A concept that would combine loft living with a six-wheeled chassis won this year's Los Angeles Vehicle Design Challenge, a competition between 10 local design studios. The GM entry's win was announced last week at the opening of the L.A. Auto Show.

Dubbed the PAD, its designers called it "a modern alternative to those priced out of Southern California's escalating housing market."

"When the cheapest little cottage in North Hollywood is going for $500,000, then maybe it's time to be coming up with some new ideas," PAD designer Steve Anderson said.

"This design was the one which took the biggest risk," said juror Stewart Reed of Pasadena's Art Center College of Design.

Other members of the winning design team from GM's West Coast Advanced Design Studio were Senon B. Franco III, Jay Bernard, Phil Tanioka, Sidney Levy, Brian Horton, Alessandro Zezza, Christine Ebner and Frank Saucedo.

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