A sitting ovation

Times Staff Writer

FRANK O. GEHRY proved that corrugated cardboard could be made into more than shipping containers and architectural models. Using adhesive and imagination, he created the 1972 Easy Edges collection of square tables and the whimsically serpentine Wiggle Side Chair. Now Gehry has teamed with Vitra to release new editions in the natural cardboard of the original design or with edges trimmed in white, green and orange. Wiggles will run $850, and an updated version of Gehry's 1986 Little Beaver Chair, right, will be $4,350. The club chair and ottoman look like blocks of cardboard gnawed by beavers and are "incredibly comfortable," says Adam Blackman of Blackman Cruz in L.A. "When they first came out, you really had to see beyond it being a piece of cardboard. Now it's a classic that will be entirely novel to a whole new generation." What complements a cardboard chair? For Gehry, it's Cloud, a polyester paper lamp as fluffy and irregular as its namesake. It's priced from $475 and available as pendants or table and floor lamps. All the Gehry pieces will be available Feb. 1 at Jules Seltzer Associates in West Hollywood, (310) 274-7243.

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