A Racer Appreciates a Writing Legend


When Shav Glick was a baby, many cars had wooden wheels. Cars often broke down. Passers-by would yell, “Get a horse!” Shav took the latter to heart and decided to dedicate his life to horsepower.

Every racing driver, racing team, car builder or motor racing fan who has lived in Southern California for the last half a century has been very lucky that Shav Glick was there to tell the story of what happened on the race tracks around the world.

With the enthusiasm of a fan and the knowledge of a racing insider, he wrote with flair and fairness about the ups and downs, and the triumphs and tragedies of the motor racing business. His familiarity with auto racing history gave his contemporary stories balance and complexity. It was always fun to read Shav.


In a sport with many hot-headed personalities with strong opinions, he never offended anybody, and is held in great respect by all of us who were fortunate to practice our craft when he was around to tell the tale.

We at All American Racers call him a friend. We owe him a ton of gratitude and we will miss him greatly.

Thank you, Shav.


Santa Ana