Assessing the need for more California prisons

Re "Gov. Calls for New Spending on Prisons," June 27

Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger's proposals are not about prison expansion, they are about solving overcrowding and providing for the real treatment needs of offenders. California's prison population has reached an all-time high with more than 171,500 inmates, double the capacity that these facilities were designed to hold.

New construction would reduce overcrowding and provide room to deliver and expand rehabilitative options and services. Without these services, prisoners are more likely to offend again once they are released, creating more victims and hurting communities.


Secretary, Department of

Corrections and Rehabilitation



We've been building more prisons for so long people don't even question it. I think we can safely say that locking more people up and building more prisons is only making the situation worse. What benefit are we seeing as a society? I say there is absolutely no benefit, unless you are a prison guard or a politician with your hand out.


Los Angeles


Schwarzenegger is building more deck chairs (beds) for the Titanic (the prison system).


Woodland Hills

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